Computer Network Operator System Engineer 6

Category: Engineering
Department: Engineer
Location: Annapolis Junction, Maryland
Job Type:
Full Time

Job Description:

This position supports CNO Mission Plans, Programs, and Performance Integration, providing systems engineering expertise to CNO Capability Management. At the direction of CNO Management, the contractor shall manage, oversee, and execute all aspects of the following tasks:

Contribute to formulating and capturing end-to-end requirements and recommend alternative technical approaches
Leverage CNO capabilities to obtain network configurations and discover targets
Develop actionable target knowledge through mining of SIGINT data repositories and end-point capabilities
Study and analyze network/computer metadata to reconstruct computer networks
Assist in the formulation of operating plans used to guide the exploitation and collection operations
Attend operations to gain situational awareness of the target network, assist the CNO Operator with target knowledge and expertise, and help guide the retrieval of valuable data used for intelligence reporting or future operational planning purposes
Develop and employ expertise with various CNO capabilities, methodologies, and dataflow to include appropriate toolsets and their associated functions, limitations, and applications. Provide mission-focused, analyst/end use perspective in feedback with regards to the tools and tradecraft
Perform functional requirements analysis and allocation, including disposition of requirements to low-level functions, allocation of performance and other limiting requirements to all functional levels, definition of internal and external functional interfaces, and definition and integration of a functional architecture.
Propose and provide the methodology, processes, tools, and resources to be used to define, account for, model, track, implement, and support system design and technical requirements
Provide systems engineering and other technical services to CNO cross-organizational leads SEs
Perform requirements process activities in support of the overall CNO organization, utilizing multiple systems including Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, ServiceNow, and CA Clarity PPM (PLAN-IT)
Report metrics and perform trend analysis on submitted development requirements
Coordinate cross-organizational activities and team with other SEs to ensure that systems are designed and developed according to documented user stories, use cases, and accepted criteria
Provide Enterprise-level SE services, participating in the development of systems engineering documents and working requirements, user stories, use cases, designs, interfaces, and test procedures
Coordinate resolution of action items from meetings and reviews that require cross-discipline or cross-organizational interaction
Develop, define, and document operational and maintenance concepts, leading to the development of system requirements and specifications
Develop system specifications and design plans across the NSA Enterprise
Provide systems and subsystem engineering services to planning, integration, and installation activities
Propose and provide the methodology, processes, tools, and resources to be used to define, account for, model, partition, track, implement, and support system design and technical performance requirements

Preferred Skills:

Qualified systems engineers must have proven experience in the following:

Producing systems engineering documentation to support system development and deployment
Familiarity with agile development processes
Compliance certification process for deployment to the production environment
Familiarity with the NSA Enterprise Architecture
Knowledge of CNO infrastructure and critical systems
Familiarity with CNO operational environment
Effective communications with project developers, program managers, operators, analysts, and other systems engineers
Familiarity with the MACHINESHOP environment (desired)