IoT System Engineer 4

Category: Engineering
Department: Engineer
Location: Annapolis Junction, Maryland
Job Type:
Full Time

Job Description:

Provide systems engineering support to the Internet of Things (IoT) Enterprise Functional Team (EFT) in achieving the primary objectives of a two-phase initiative.  Phase 1 will last approximately 90 days and Phase 2 is expected to last approximately 180 days.  For the first phase (Phase 1) of this effort, the Systems Engineer (SE) will support the IoT EFT by documenting the Client’s loT Strategic Goal Outline as the underpinnings for a draft Strategic Plan.  The Systems Engineer (SE) will assist in designing the optimal governance structure over IoT activities, by conducting a stakeholder analysis.  The SE will develop a common lexicon or taxonomy, support the EFT in performing a mission -based survey, and assist in establishing mission use cases and exemplars.  As part of Phase 1 the SE will also work to facilitate internal and external coordination which will be vital to mission success of the IoT EFT.   Primary responsibilities include the development of the strategic goal outline.  In order to achieve this goal, the existing loT activities will require effective technical baselining, which would be a second task for the SE. Developing the verbiage for EFT messaging and strategic communications is also secondary but is an important objective.   For Part 2 of the two-phased effort, the SE will assist in architecture development, SE planning, process engineering, and dependency/interface planning for the IoT effort.  The SE will support the architecture, high level processes, and plans for the implementation of the IoT organizational construct and Strategic Plan.  SE services may support process development, organizational change management, and risk management.


Preferred Skills:

Individual Capabilities Desired:

Systems engineering experience, particularly in the areas of IoT-related technology.