Research: Our Research & Engineering team performs prototype, research and development of solutions and products within
our areas of interest: SABLE (Scenario & Assessment Based Learning Environment), Software Defined Radios (HackRF, GNU Radio, 
REDHAWK, USRP), and OSINT Automation tools.

SABLE was developed through a prototype effort supporting virtual and adaptive learning.  The web-based and mobile platform supports a game-based e-learning and collaboration environment where analysts are motivated in their educational advancement. It was designed to foster mentorship, competition and collaboration in synchronous and asynchronous manners. The platform fosters not just learning, but also retention of information. With built-in learning analytics, oversight, and guidance, mentors or supervisors are provided the opportunity to enhance the learners’ education throughout their advancement.  As learners progress through bodies of knowledge, they are also presented scenarios where they may also apply their knowledge to scenarios where skills may be applied. The scenario-based learning is intended to trigger muscle memory and allow students to learn by trial-and-error in an environment where exploration is critical (yet may be learned safely). The scenarios may be performed individually, in groups, or in competition.  Learners are able to pose questions to mentors, supervisors and peers through chat channels, private notes, scenario-specific notes, and public or private forums. In addition to person-to-person collaboration, Net Vision is in the process of incorporating recommender systems within SABLE.

Our Software Defined Radio research does not pigeon-hole us into one specific open source 'type' of SDR.  Instead, we maintain awareness on several leading technologies which may be used to enable our research.  We have researched the pros and cons of the different capabilities and use this research to build flexibility and utility into our research platforms.  Predominantly focused on exploring open source and publicly available capabilities, our team develops solutions (hardware and software) to support our areas of interest.

Our OSINT Automation tools research is our newest research domain.  The primary research interest lies in the capability design of platforms to support Open Source Intelligence to support environmental awareness, survey and discovery.  Our OSINT Storyboard Platform provides a snapshot of social understanding during times of emergency, crisis, or planning.